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Заблокировали аккаунт — My account was blocked

Вопрос: Good afternoon! My account was blocked for some unknown reason.I didn’t do anything counterproductive. I created a new one, and now it has been closed off. I sent 2 photos to confirm my identity, but there is no result. I appeal to you for help in restoring access to my first page, and deleting the second account. I really hope for your help!

Ответ: Hi, where are you from ? Our website is only in Russian but I will try to answer your question. smile

There are too many reasons why it happens and to0 many solutions to it….

So we have described all reasons here —https://7facebook.ru/2019/08/07/blok77/

And all instructions to resolve this problem here — https://7facebook.ru/2019/08/08/noblokakk7/




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